About Destinations

Medical Summary

The Medical Summary provides a broad overview of the potential health risks present and the preventive measures that may be needed to protect against them. When present, yellow fever entry requirement and risk information is drawn from offical World Health Organization (WHO) sources. A summary of current consular advice addresses potential safety and security concerns.

The Medical Summary does not provide current reporting of disease outbreaks or environmental events that may pose elevated risks to travelers' health and safety. Such information is available from health care providers using the Shoreland Travax® publication, which also provides detailed health risk analysis based on specific locations, individual travel styles, and traveler risk behaviors. Consult the Providers section of this site to locate a travel medicine practitioner using Travax to provide comprehensive travel health counseling.

This provides links to additional articles pertinent to the health and safety risks indicated for the destination. These include detailed presentations about the vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccinations used to protect against them.


This opens a page with an interactive country map that uses a Google Maps interface. In addition to panning and zooming, the map has a search feature that lets you find specific locations within the selected country. Note: Google has discontinued support for displaying maps in Internet Explorer 10 and earlier browsers, so users with those browser editions cannot view the general map.

Index Features

The Destinations index page displays links and cross references to the countries and territories covered.

You can use the Country Selector to quickly open information for a specific country. Simply start typing the country name after the index page loads and press Enter when the name of the country you want is highlighted. You can also click in the Selector box and scroll to locate the country you want (typing in the opened selector list is supported as well).

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The right-side On This Page feature provides quick links to the main alphabetic groupings on the index page.