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The Traveler Library includes the Overview of Travel Health and Safety, along with these broad categories:

  • Vaccine-Preventable Illnesses: Descriptions of common diseases that can be prevented through vaccination, along with information about the vaccines.
  • Other Infectious Diseases: Information about illnesses such as travelers' diarrhea, malaria, dengue, and others that travelers can take steps to prevent while at risk.
  • Health & Safety: Summaries of measures travelers can take to protect against environmental risks such as altitude, sun and heat, or to protect against accidents and injuries.
  • Special Needs: Items to consider for persons with conditions such as diabetes or heart disease which require special planning for travel.

The Overview addresses the major points that international travelers should be aware of, including general pre-travel preparation, travel insurance, first aid items to carry, food and beverage precautions, and common traveler problems.

Index Features

The Library index page displays links and cross references to the available medical topics.

You can use the Topic Selector to quickly open information for a specific topic. Simply start typing the topic name after the index page loads and press Enter when the name of the topic you want is highlighted. You can also click in the Selector box and scroll to locate the topic you want (typing in the opened selector list is supported as well).

Type to Select Topic

The right-side On This Page feature provides quick links to the main topic groupings on the index page.