The travel medicine practitioners included in the Providers listings subscribe to Shoreland Travax®, a continually updated travel medicine decision-support tool used by physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to perform a detailed health risk analysis based on specific locations, individual travel styles, and traveler risk behaviors. Travax provides the most current, independently researched actionable risk assessments and preventive recommendations available. Learn more about the features Travax offers health care practitioners.

The listing of travel medicine practitioners is made available purely for your information purposes. In the process of publishing the list, Shoreland has not verified any of the data, credentials, or other information submitted by these practitioners. Shoreland has no control over the listed practitioners, does not endorse their expertise, and is unable to insure or protect any user of the list from damages due to acts or inactions by listed practitioners. No meaning is intended, implied, or to be inferred from the fact that a particular practitioner is listed, not listed, or has been added or subtracted from the list as compared to previous versions of the list.

All listings have been voluntarily submitted by the practitioners. The list may not include all Travax subscribers who provide travel medicine services to the public at large, and it excludes Travax subscribers such as HMOs, student health, and corporate health who only serve specific non-public populations.

Searching for Providers

By Selected Location

Users can search for providers by selecting from a list of countries and states or provinces with active listings for travel medicine practitioners. If a country, state or province does not appear in the list, there are no listings present for the missing entity.

Search results are presented with up to 10 listings per page with each listing on the page represented by a pin on the map display. Listings are sorted first by city name and then by provider name. Use the Next button at the bottom of the page to advance through the search results.

When a map pin in a convenient location is displayed, click the pin to display the full listing information for the provider it represents.

By Current Location

Users with location services enabled on their devices can search using the "find providers near you" option. Once the user's location is established, all providers within a 50 mile (80 km) radius will be included in the search results.

Search results are presented both as pins on the map display and in list format with up to 10 listings per page. Listings are sorted based on distance from your location, beginning with the closest provider and concluding with the farthest within the search radius.

Clicking a pin on the map displays the listing for the provider it represents.