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European Union: Airlines Banned from European Airspace

The European Commission, in consultation with member states' aviation safety authorities, has identified airlines that operate in conditions below essential safety levels and has banned those airlines from operating in European airspace. Visit the following website for information, including a listing of the banned airlines. The list is updated regularly and is also published in the Official Journal of the European Union as Annex A to the Commission Regulation.


United States: International Aviation Safety Assessments (IASA)

The US Federal Aviation Administration's IASA foreign assessment program evaluates the ability of each country to adhere to international standards and recommended practices for aircraft operations and maintenance (individual airlines are not assessed). The standards and practices utilized in the IASA have been established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is the United Nation's technical agency for aviation. Visit the following website for listings of the countries that comply with ICAO standards and of those that do not comply, as well as the criteria and definitions used in making those assessments.