Special Medical Concerns

Many people with medical concerns continue to travel. Whether they have a temporary medical condition, such as pregnancy, or an ongoing health concern, such as diabetes, travelers should consult their health care providers about their trips and plan for any specific needs.

Considerations Diabetes Heart
Pregnancy Pulmonary
Consult health care provider for advice in planning.
Carry letter from health care provider stating condition, medications, and treatments. *
Wear medical alert tags (stating condition and drug allergies) at all times. *
Inform airlines, cruise lines, and hotels about special needs. *
Keep insulin in insulator pack; adjust doses to time zones; bring supply of needles and syringes.
Delay trip if condition is currently unstable.
Some live vaccines may be inadvisable.
Take extra precautions in areas with high risk of infection.
Observe strict food and water precautions.
Avoid physical extremes, high altitudes, and overexertion.
Check availability of oxygen at each destination.
Avoid areas of extreme air pollution or high humidity.

* Discuss with a health care provider because immunodeficiency due to HIV infection can cause entry problems in some countries.